Young activists from Latin America get together in a coalition for climate


IPS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Delegación de activistas jóvenes de Brasil en la COP 19 de Varsovia. Crédito: Engajamundo

Young activists from Brazil at COP 19. Photo by Engajamundo

While the UN Conference on Climate Change COP19 in Warsaw is about to end emptied on the politically view without presenting breakthroughs, civil society was the biggest player announcing the creation of a new young activists articulation. It is called CLIC and gathers young Latin Americans activists concerned about the next COP 20 to be held in Lima, Peru, December 2014.

“COP finishes empty but not civil society. We were able to enhance civil society, make it integrated and determined. It’s very annoying to be inside a conference and see that negotiations don’t go forward”, said Laura Jungman, the young 23 year old Brazilian activist by the movement Engajamundo, created during the RIO+20 Conference about Sustainable Development.

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