Women's advocacy groups demand gender responsive finance at COP 21


DBS TV, Paris

Women's advocacy groups are demanding that negotiations for climate change are gender responsive. One of the main concerns women's groups want addressed is the risk of sexual exploitation and violence that may occur after a natural disaster. Reporting from Paris France, here is Sarah Peter .

Sexual exploitation, violence, displacement all these have been documented as major consequences for women resulting from natural disasters caused by climate change. Hence the push by women's advocacy groups to lobby for gender responsive demands at the 21st session of the Conference of Parties, COP 21 in Paris France.

Women's climate change advocates and Women’s Environmental Development Organization, WEDO contend that negotiators should account for additional finances for women especially because their needs are distinctly different from men. Women's Climate Change Advocate, Titilope  Akosa and Consultant for  WEDO, Claire Greensfelder have both articulated those concerns.

The call comes as women's   advocacy groups at COP 21 lobby for women's rights in light of a six months climate for justice campaign. Consultant for WEDO, Claire Greenfelder further argues that while women representation inside the negotiation process is important,, demands  made locally are also significant.