Earth Journalism Network, Katowice, Poland

Katowice, Poland_This year’s Conference of Parties (COP 24) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) comes at a critical time for the global environment.

It’s just two years shy of the date when nations need to show climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions have reached their peak and started falling, a commitment they made under the 2015 Paris climate change agreement. It also follows on the heels of a major report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which warns that rapid action is needed by everyone to stem the worse impacts of global warming.

 COP 24 Climate Summit in Katowice / Credit: Sebastian Indra - MSZ / Creative Commons

As part of its efforts to support coverage of these summits by local media, Internews’ Earth Journalism Network, in collaboration with the Stanley Foundation, selected a diverse group of Fellows to attend COP24 as part of the 2018 Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP). These Fellows also had the opportunity to attend an earlier gathering in San Francisco, the Global Climate Action Summit, where state and local governments and private sector organizations charted their progress in addressing climate change and pledged for further action.

The Fellows – most of them full-time journalists with a diverse range of climate-change reporting experience – were selected for this year’s talks out of a pool of more than 300 applicants. Many of them come from countries that are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and will be relating what happens at these high-level talks to their readers back home.

Before attending the conference, Fellows will participate in a daylong orientation session led by climate experts, media officers and EJN trainers aimed at improving their understanding of climate science. They’ll also review key points likely to be raised at the talks and explore ways to maximize their coverage. They'll also participate in a field trip to explore how Katowice, the heart of Europe’s coal country, is transitioning to a greener, more environmentally friendly city. The Fellowship program will run from December 8-14.

This is the second year EJN has teamed up with the Stanley Foundation on the CCMP fellowship. EJN, along with Panos and the International Institute for Environment and Development, formed the CCMP in 2007 to enable developing country journalists to attend and report from the annual UN climate summits.

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