Obama addresses island leaders


National Broadcasting Corporation of Papua New Guinea, Honolulu, Hawai'i

The United States has announced new commitments to assist Pacific Islands. This came into being after addressing the Tenth Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders on Wednesday.

No nation can do it on its own, nations like yours and mine can tackle climate change together, this was echoed to the island leaders during the 10th Pacific island Conference of Leaders held in Honolulu.

“I would like to announce 30 million dollars and new commitments for our friends in the Pacific. Funding for investments like stronger infrastructure more sustainable development and safer drinking water,” said U.S. President Barack Obama.

Obama said the largest carbon emitters like the United States and China have a special responsibility to act and move toward a clean energy strategy.

“That was the key principle to the Paris agreement and I was mentioning to the leaders here that we could not have gotten the Paris agreement without the incredible efforts and hard work of the island nations they made an enormous difference and I’m very proud of the work they did," Obama said.

As part of the agreement they have been working to accelerate public private clean energy innovation making sure that resources will be there for countries that need to help prepare on the impacts of climate change that can no longer be avoided.

“Few people understand stakes better than the Pacific Island leaders," Obama said, "because they are seeing already the impacts rising sea level and temperature pose and exponential threat to your countries.”

He added that while some members of the US Congress continue to debate whether climate change is real or not, many of the island leaders are already planning for new places for their people to live.

“No nation, not even one is powerful as the United States is immune from a changing climate. We always have to remind ourselves that no nation this alone. We all have to tackle climate change together.”

Obama further added that government has a role to play and so do inventors, scientists, academics and the community as a whole to work together to address these issues.