Finance is major grey area for the Caribbean


DBS TV, Paris

Director of Sustainable Development of Caricom Secretariat, Garfield Barnwell says that the issue of finance remains an unclear aspect for Caribbean governments. Barnwell was making reference to the latest draft document on the climate change agreement. Leaders are adamant that without clarity on this major component a lot of the agreements made at COP 21 will not bear fruit.

"This is one of the major grey areas. It is not clear and we are hoping to get a greater level of clarity as the international community elaborates on and discusses the existing draft document because without finance it would be difficult for us to get anything done." The Caricom Director for Sustainable Development further elaborated, " we do not want another paper document but we want a document that is effective and that can truly address all the concerns raised."

Nevertheless, Caribbean governments say they are generally "comfortable" with the latest draft text. In fact regional leaders say that lead negotiators and delegates can go back to the region with their heads held high.

St. Lucian Minister of Sustainable Development and lead negotiator for adaptation for SIDS noted that one major victory for them was the "action language" regarding 1.5 degrees Celsius reflected in the text. Minister Fletcher was also elated by the inclusion of loss and damage in the agreement. He added that the fact that there was a consistent appetite for 2 degrees Celsius as the safest global warming target makes the victory even more significant. He further added that it is very important that the special circumstances and risk vulnerability of small island developing states was reflected in the document irrespective of "a push from G77 to erode that but we stood firm."

The Minister ended on a positive noted adding "clearly there are things in there that we would like to see strengthened but this is a negotiation of 195 parties and among them are large emitters of green house gases and people who do not emit any gases . To find a middle ground that is satisfactory for everyone will always be a challenge."