45 nations join to enhance climate action


Dhaka Tribune ,

The International Climate Change Conference COP 22, labeled the COP of Action, saw the launch of a new partnership between 45 developing and developed nations to enhance climate action – the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Partnership.

The Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are the promises different countries have made to control their greenhouse gas emissions, and the implementation of NDCs is now the urgent topic on the agenda for the international climate community. 

“National climate plans are at the heart of the Paris Agreement,” said Dr. Hakima El Haite, Climate Champion and Minister Delegate in Charge of the Environment, Ministry of Energy, Mines Water and the Environment, Morocco. “Launching at COP22, the NDC Partnership comes at an opportune time to accelerate climate action worldwide.” 

The NDC partnership is a collaborative platform for helping countries embeds their NDCs in all sectors and all levels of decision-making. It aims to drive ambitious climate action guided by country demand and priorities through a three-pronged approach:

  • Raising awareness of and enhancing access to existing support initiatives, tools and resources.
  • Building capacity by increasing collaboration between environment and development agencies.
  • Enhancing financial support for NDC programs.

“Through the NDC Partnership, we will engage more of the private sector, encourage South-South cooperation and make donors more responsive to countries’ needs. The NDC Partnership is exactly the sort of smart, action-oriented initiative that we need to deliver on the promise of the Paris Agreement,” Ms. El Haite added.

The Partnership is initially co-chaired by the governments of Morocco and Germany. Membership is open to all countries and relevant international institutions. 

Germany will align its international climate finance – €2.7 billion from budgetary resources alone last year – to the Partnership and aims to further increase this support to €4 billion by 2020.

“The intention behind the NDC Partnership is that we can best tackle climate change and support climate adaptation by pooling our strengths and our knowledge,” said Gerd Müller, German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. “If we try to go it alone in limiting global warming, we will fail. If we support each other in a real partnership, we will succeed.”

The NDCs pledged by most countries so far are not ambitious enough to keep temperature rises below catastrophic levels, as countries are constrained by financial and political difficulties, and this is what the partnership aims to address.

Andrew Steer, President and CEO of the World Resources Institute said the NDC partnership is a club designed for member nations to help one another. Support will be provided in the form of climate data, tools and finance.

Countries and international institutions that sign up will agree to share what they are doing and draw up on the best expertise available from around the world.

The NDC Partnership also unveiled the NDC Funding & Initiatives Navigator, the world’s most comprehensive online database of climate finance and support initiatives. It will enable recipient countries to identify funds and initiatives.

“So any country that has a question or needs support will know where to turn to and where to find the finance,” Steer said.