Climate-forced displacement must be addressed: Civil Society


Dhaka Tribune,

Civil society members from various countries have urged global leaders to include a reasonable way in the draft Paris Agreement to manage the future of climate-forced displaced people across the world.

They also said that the agreement should have a clear vision and directions to rehabilitate and ensure the people who are being displaced as a result of greenhouse gas emission by the industrialised countries.

“Paris Agreement must address the rights of life and livelihood of climate-forced migrants,” Carolina Hernandez from the office of the UN Human Rights Commissioner said.

Echoing Carolina, Nick Dearden from Global Justice Now said that Europe and the developed countries have benefited from immigrants, and it is due to their high level of carbon emission the issue of climate forced-migration issue emerged, so the developed countries must take responsibilities in this regard.

Meanwhile one of the most-talked-about topic of this year’s climate talks, “Loss and Damage” from the block of least developed countries (LDCs), has was finally included in draft agreement.

The draft says that it invites all parties to reduce the risk of and address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change.

It also said that a climate change displacement coordination facility will be establish to help coordinate efforts to address climate change-induced displacement, migration and planned relocation.

However, the civil society organisations that have been pushing for the issue to be included on the UNFCCC agreement have expressed frustration as the provision for “Compensation and Liabilities” was curtailed.

Anotonie Gerrad of World Humanitarian Summit of UN said climate-forced migrants is a security agenda for future and so it should draw attention from the global leaders. “It is a catastrophic humanitarian crisis ... all states must devise new global strategy to respond to this crisis.”

Dr Hasan Mahmud, head of the parliamentary watchdog on Bangladesh’s environment ministry, said that Bangladesh will push for the inclusion of climate-forced migration issue in the Paris Agreement.

He also called for an immediate rewriting of the 1951 refugee convention.

These views came out of a seminar held on Saturday evening titled “Climate Forced Displacements: Rights and Obligations” at the COP21 venue Le Bourget in Paris