Samoan activist hopeful for a legally binding agreement in Paris


Talai Vaifanua, Paris

As meetings and negotiations continue in Paris, 16-year-old Samoan activist Brianna Fruean says she traveled to the climate talks in the hopes that she'd witness history.

It's is no surprise since she is actively known in the Samoan community as an advocator with a passion for saving the environment. 

She has been involved in this type of thing ever since she can remember and she's spreading a message for all island nations: We need to protect and preserve our environment.

She says she is there to voice the concerns of young people.

Talai Vaifanua caught up with her to ask her what she hopes to get out of this meeting.

“It is a honor to be here as a youth representative from Samoa," Fruean said. "It is also a great opportunity to network with other youth from the Pacific, but also around the world in creating a stronger youth network in the international arena for climate change.”

Outside the media centre there were other youth groups who have united to make sure that their voice are being heard by world leaders and ensure that COP21 will be a fruitful conference.

Fruen says she has high hopes that top pollutors China and the United States will listen to concerned voices from Pacific Islands Nations because their involvement is critical to a legally binding agreement.

The young activist has been long supported by the international organization, South Pacific Regional Environment, who works to ensure that the next generation will be able to enjoy our beautiful planet.