Asia-Pacific Story Grants 2018


EJN, Worldwide


Internews' Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Asia-Pacific Story Grants 2018 have produced in-depth stories on climate and environmental change as well as the challenges and adaptations implemented in the region. It is hoped that the information will empower at-risk communities to make better decisions about their options and build their resilience.

Our planet’s environmental future depends on Asia and the Pacific, home to 60 percent of the world’s population, rapidly growing economies and rich pockets of biodiversity. Policy decisions made in countries and intergovernmental forums in this region will influence how drastically global climate will change, and which communities and species will adapt and form resilience to the impacts.

Through a competitive process, 27 journalists from across Asia-Pacific have been awarded grants to develop stories that examine, not just the impacts of environmental and climate change, but also how local communities are coping with these changes. Some produced stories that target local audiences. Others reported on local or regional environmental issues in a way that sought to attract greater attention from the international community. Below are some of these stories. We will be adding more in the coming months, so stay tuned.

This work is made possible with the generous funding from Sweden/ the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).


Please read the articles below from our Asia-Pacific story grantees:

Nomadic life: A struggle against climate change and authorities

Papua New Guinea: The Journey to Resilient Cocoa Clones

Making sure forest protection cash reach “untouchables” in Nepal


Nepali women’s bid to use international carbon money to rejuvenate land and economy

Beekeeping in Philippine coconut production: providing livelihoods and promoting conservation

Deploying ducks: Climate-friendly rice farming empowers women

Reviving Traditional Rice Varieties in West Bengal

Feathered guests: Birdhouses and the ecosystem of organic paddy farming

Protecting and Preserving Water Springs in Central Java

Photo Essay: On the Frontline of Climate Change and Displacement

Ice Stupas Spark Conflict Between Farmers in Ladakh

Changement Climatique, la Nouvelle Guerre du Vietnam - In French / En Français

Photo Essay: A Damaged Delta in Vietnam

Ouvéa, a fragile paradise

Community-based tourism and new livelihoods in Vietnam

‘Empty pocket season’: Dayak women farmers surviving the impacts of palm oil

The India fishermen using cheap smartphones to map the coast

Indian tribe revives heirloom seeds for health and climate security

Part 1: Climate Change Brings New Reality to Uttarakhand

Part 2: Adapting to Climate Change in Uttarakhand

Part 3: Farmers in Uttarakhand Look to the Past to Benefit the Future

The dying corals of Lakshadweep

Remote Morotai Island Looks to Surfing as a Solution for Marine Management and Protection

Climate Change Takes its Toll on South Indian Fishing Communities 

In funding palm oil giants, banks may share in ‘sins of the companies’

Meet the 'vigilante' grandfathers protecting indigenous forest life in Cambodia 

Young Kashmiri farmers turn water-wise to adapt to climate change

Learning From the Past: Japan's tree-planting efforts provide lessons for other countries

The Rising Stars of a Sinking Island