Anti-coal and dirty energy campaigns at COP23


Thanh Nien, Bonn, Germany

On November 16, about 20 countries and states including Britain, Canada, Mexico, Angola, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy and Portugal announced the establishment of "Anti-coal Usage League". There are many participants of the alliance from many states of America, even though Washington earlier announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement - an agreement that sets out to reduce greenhouse emission gases (mainly CO2) to prevent global warming.

Outside the conference, the banners and slogans carries various of messages such as: "Stop using coal and all the dirty energy"; "Commitment to use 100% recycled energy"; "Clean coal is a lie"; "Clean energy, energy conversion for people and communities" and especially "Reclaim Power!" slogans were demonstrated everywhere.

Protestors also issued an eight-point petition calling for countries to implement right away toward a clean energy system and global temperature limitation.

According to the Greenpeace Union, the activities of environmental groups and, especially the launch of the "Anti-coal usage league", are some of the positive signs of the impetus for further global efforts against the use of coal. Besides, it also makes the governments which support the use of fossil energy to reconsider.