On last day of climate talks, environmental activists throw negotiators a lifeline


WMNF, Cancun, Mexico

At the beach in Cancun this morning, members of Greenpeace and TCKTCKTCK, an alliance of environmental organizations working toward an ambitious and binding climate change agreement, used a giant inflatable life preserver to throw a lifeline to delegates who are “drowning” (metaphorically) at the UN climate talks not far away. Kelly Rigg is the Executive Director for the Global Campaign for Climate Action.

The spectacle consisted of a group of people dressed as negotiators in business suits, splashing around helplessly in the water as a group of environmental activists throw a massive life ring into the surf.

John Quigley is an artist known for creating environmentally conscious participatory works. Yorkie Durkins is on vacation from England this week. He just happened to stumble upon the giant life preserver and decided to jump in and lend a hand. Meanwhile, inside the UN Climate Summit, negotiations are expected to continue late into the night on legal language that will that will help create a fund for developing nations, those that have been hit the hardest already by climate change, to adapt to increasing global temperatures and rising seas.

The main dispute inside the conference is whether to continue the Kyoto Protocol for emissions reductions or to combine in with different tracks for a binding agreement.

Originally Airred on WMNF Evening News, Tampa, Florida: 12.10.2010

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