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The Mekong Eye is a news and information resource for citizens, journalists, environmentalists, government officials, business people, development workers, and others concerned about the future of the Mekong region and the global environment. The Mekong Eye examines the intersection of the environment and development through curating and contextualizing local and regional news and data, and producing and supporting original content. We aim to help citizens of Mekong countries (Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam) – and the world – get the information they need to find solutions to the environmental and social challenges linked to development in the region.

The Mekong Eye showcases news from over 100 journalists in the Mekong Matters Journalism Network and from media across the region and the world. We help readers track and analyze development and its interaction with the environment, communities and policy. A key focus is examining the environmental and social costs and benefits of large-scale regional infrastructure projects. Coming soon: The Mekong Eye is a GeoJournalism website, and we will be enhancing integrated mapping and data visualization to help readers understand, explain and visualize the full picture, courtesy of our partner site Open Development Mekong.

The Mekong Eye is supported by Mekong Partnership for the Environment (MPE), which supports constructive engagement among civil society, governments and business to promote socially and environmentally responsible development in the Mekong region. Funded primarily by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), MPE is implemented by Pact along with a consortium of partners, including Internews and its Earth Journalism Network (EJN), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), East West Management Institute (EWMI), and others.

The Mekong Eye aims to include a fair and representative range of news and views from local, regional and global sources. Any information or opinions on The Mekong Eye are the responsibility of the authors and/or originating outlets and may not reflect the work or opinions of The Mekong Eye, MPE, our donors, or partners. Contents may occasionally be edited slightly for presentation.

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