HD Climate

At-risk communities that bear the brunt of climate change’s impact—particularly women, youth, and indigenous communities— tend to have the least influence on how to respond to the threat. Their voices are not typically part of the global debate or dialogue.

Through the Human Dimensions of Climate Change project (HD Climate), EJN works to amplify these voices in local and international media, convey grassroots concerns to policymakers, and help meet the growing demand for actionable knowledge on climate. The project activates EJN’s networked journalism approach to focus on uncovering and reporting on the human dimensions of climate change in an effort to put the needs and concerns of underrepresented populations at the center of the climate discourse.

By engaging a range of constituencies, the project seeks to:

  • Ensure the creation of compelling stories that highlight what is at stake for those most vulnerable to climate change—and to surface these narratives consistently in key regions throughout the world;
  • Invest in local media leadership through training, grants, networking and digital media;
  • Build the capacity of journalists to raise public understanding and awareness of underrepresented issues relating to the human dimensions of climate change, and ensure their access to a range of media distribution channels to make their voices heard; and
  • Support collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning through networking among environmental journalists working in regions and countries that face similar challenges

Program Team