Global Ocean Commission

The Policy and Business of the Ocean  | March 12 to 16, 2014, Hong Kong, PRC

The Global Ocean Commission was launched in February 2013 with the goal of reversing the degradation of the ocean and restoring it to full health and productivity. Its focus is on the high seas, the areas that lie outside the jurisdiction of individual governments. The high seas constitute 45% of the Earth’s surface. According to research reviewed by the Commission, this major proportion of the global ocean is under severe and increasing pressure from overfishing, damage to important habitat, climate change and ocean acidification. The Commission comprises senior political figures, business leaders and development specialists, and deliberates with a diverse group of constituencies. Its first meeting was held in March 2013 and this workshop coincides with a commission meeting featuring the new commissioner for China, Victor Chu.

EJN organized a fellowship programs for 10 Chinese journalists to attend Global Ocean Commission meetings  This program is aimed at working with journalists who want to improve their coverage of ocean and fisheries issues. Journalists were introduced the the major issues and terminology about ocean issues and held discussion sessions with leading scientists, economists, policymakers, and senior journalists. As part of the program, field trips were held at the Hong Kong Port Facility, a harbor tour focused on plastics pollution, and a meeting with Hong Kong government officials at the Sai Kung fish market.



Program Team