IUCN 2012

Eight journalists from eight different countries attended the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea in September 2012 as part of an EJN Fellowship program. A description of each of the Fellows can be found here.

Over the seven days of the fellowship program, the participating journalists attended the Congress, participate in capacity-building activities focused on agro-ecological themes, had contact with high-level members of civil society and academic organizations, and participated in a field trip.

This program was designed to help journalists reporting on agricultural issues strengthen their coverage of agro-ecology and food sovereignty issues. The program was led by Jeff Rutherford, a journalism trainer who runs a sustainable farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Rutherford also wrote a media guide on agro-ecology issues that has been distributed to EJN journalists worldwide.

This project was carried out with support from the Christensen Fund.

Program Team