Two European Conferences Examine Fisheries Policy


Internews, Germany and France

More than 30 journalists from France and Germany will have a rare opportunity this month and next to learn about, debate, and report on fisheries issues at two upcoming conferences being organized by Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN), and journalists from the EC are also eligible for reporting grants to cover these topics. 

Both events are designed to help European journalists broaden their understanding of current efforts to reform the EC’s Common Fisheries Policy. They will follow a similar approach to an EJN conference held in Dublin last year where more than a dozen reporters from around the EC met with a wide range of fisheries stakeholders and participated in a field trip to a fishing port.

Journalists from around the EC are also still eligible to seek financial support to produce a report of their choice on European fisheries topics. Given that environmental stories often go under-reported due to a lack of resources, EJN’s stipend program allows European journalists to apply for funds to research and produce a story about marine fisheries issues that deserve attention. Those interested can find more information here.

EJN has invited experts and key stakeholders including scientists, fishermen, industry representatives, politicians and NGOs to speak at our conferences in both France and Germany. Journalists from a wide range of media outlets in each country are being invited to attend.

The French conference will be held September 26-28 in Saint Raphael, France.  In Germany the conference will be held in the Hanseatic city of Lubeck, one of Germany’s largest fishing ports, from October 23-26.

These activities are supported with funding from the Oak Foundation. The conferences in France and Germany are being carried out with assistance from Seaweb Paris and the Berlin-based Ecologic Institute, respectively.