Mobile Journalism workshop for Environmental Reporting - students of the University of South pacific


EJN, Suva, Fiji


Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN) and the University of South Pacific (USP) jointly organised a workshop on 23rd July in Suva, Fiji on Environmental Reporting for journalism students of USP.

Credit: Imelda Abano

The focus was on the use of Mobile Journalism (mojo) which is increasingly used by professional journalists in the region. Mobile phones, in particular, offer a myriad of new possibilities, particularly as audiences demand more multimedia content and creativity when it comes to telling stories. Some universities and colleges are also integrating ‘mojo’ into their formal journalism curriculum. 

Credit: Imelda Abano

The workshop introduced the principles and techniques for using mobile phones to produce video news stories on environmental and climate change issues. Building on USP’s past video storytelling lectures, this workshop reinforced their skills and introduced more advanced techniques, as well as providing the students with more opportunities to practice and share their video stories on climate change, rising seas and other environment-related issues taking place in their communities.

For journalism schools and media organizations in the Asia-Pacific region, mojo can help overcome resource constraints, since they often struggle to acquire expensive broadcast equipment such as television cameras. 


Credit: Imelda Abano

The students also enjoyed a field visit to the Korova Settlement area along Queen Elizabeth Drive near USP’s Laucala Campus in Suva. The students covered the settlement area for Moce Islanders who are climate migrants after having fled from their island in Lau Group, Fiji due to rising seas.

Credit: Imelda Abano

Due to the rising seas, Moce Islanders from Lau Group in Fiji have to leave the land their families have lived on for generations. Jared Koli, a journalism student from the University of the South Pacific (USP), files this story from his journey to the Korova Settlement in Fiji. This video was produced after the Mobile Reporting Workshop on Environmental Reporting.

The journey to Korova - Jared Koli