EJN Welcomes New Staff to our Asia-Pacific Project


Earth Journalism Network, Global

Our new project focused on boosting the quantity and quality of environmental coverage in Asia and the Pacific region, supported by SIDA, necessitates our expansion into more areas across the region. EJN is scaling up and with that, we welcome five new staff members onto our team!

Imelda V. Abaño

Imelda V. Abaño is EJN Content Coordinator for the Philippines and Pacific. She is an award-winning Philippine environmental journalist and media trainer who has been covering climate change, energy, agriculture, biodiversity and other environmental issues for over 18 years. Abano is the founding President of the Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists, an organization which was established in 2010 with the assistance of the EJN.

As one of EJN's Council of Partners, she has led and managed various EJN activities and projects in the Philippines such as environmental reporting, training, mentorship, networking, climate change and biodiversity grants and developed mobile-based reporting. She is one of the first recipient of the Climate Change Media Partnership in 2007 covering series of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations.

Stefano Wrobleski

Stefano Wrobleski is the EJN GeoJournalism Consultant and a data journalist at InfoAmazonia (one of the various GeoJournalism websites that have been supported by Internews) where he writes about social and environmental issues.

He also participated in the development and coordination of special reports platforms such as the Cartography of Attacks Against Indigenous Peoples, a mapping of indigenous people killed in the last 30 years in Brazil, and Digging into the Mining Arc, a four-month work on the issues of huge mining project in Venezuelan Amazon.

Surachart (Tob) Somma

Surachart is EJN Information Officer. He is responsible for the management and development of EJN’s online presence, including its Geojournalism websites.

Surachart has more than ten years of experience in Digital Communications, Knowledge Management and Information Technology Management at global organizations in Europe and Asia, including the UN Environment’s Compliance Assistance Programme for the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in Asia-Pacific region and other international organizations in the environmental technology industry.


Ben Kedoga

Ben Kedoga is EJN Content Coordinator for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. He has spent over a decade as a reporter in PNG and has covered many environmental stories. He has mentored and trained journalists who are now working in the mainstream media in PNG. He was one of the few journalists in PNG selected by SPREP to undergo training on climate change reporting, and has since used this knowledge to cover environmental issues and also train local journalists. He hopes to create a Network of Environmental Journalists in PNG to ensure that environmental stories get the level of attention it deserves. 

Samisoni G Pareti

The Earth Journalism Network recently welcomed Samisoni G Pareti as our new content coordinator for Fiji and the Pacific. In this role he will lead EJN’s work in Fiji, where he is based, as well as in Tonga, Samoa and Tuvalu. He’ll work closely with EJN’s funding recipients, commissioning environmental stories for the network’s InfoPacific website, mentoring journalists and organizing trainings and workshops. He’ll also represent EJN at environmental and media-related events in the region.

In addition to his role as content coordinator, Samisoni will continue to serve as managing director of Front Page Limited, a publishing company based in Suva, Fiji, that owns the Pacific Islands’ last remaining monthly news magazine, Islands Business. The magazine covers all 22 island states and territories of the Pacific, with stories that span issues ranging from politics to business to environment, religion, youth, health and education. Samisoni also oversees Front Page Limited’s other travel and trade-related publications.

A journalist for more than three decades, Samisoni has worked across all media formats in Fiji, starting in radio before moving to daily newspaper work and then television. He has also contributed to international news agencies, such as the Associated Press and Australia’s ABC.

Samisoni has been affiliated with EJN since 2016, when he participated in the EJN-sponsored Adaptation Futures Conference in Rotterdam. That same year he also assisted with an EJN seminar in Suva, held in collaboration with the Fiji Media Association, that focused on climate change reporting and GeoJournalism.