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Updating your Member Profile

How to add, edit, and control the information in your profile.

Where to find your profile:

After you are logged-in you will see the toolbar on the left side of the screen. If you click on your name, a menu will appear with an option called “My Profile.” This is where you can update your information in your profile page.

Your profile is made up of four main sections: biography, professional information, contact information, program affiliations, and your latest content. You can edit each of the first three sections by clicking on the edit button in the sidebar.

The editor interface is organized using the tabs located above the first field. Click through each tab and fill in the information you’re sharing with us.

When you’re done adding your information, please click on the save button at the bottom of the page. You will now see what your published profile looks like.

Visibility Settings

You can control who has the ability to view your profile information using the privacy setting menu at the top-right corner of each section.

For example, these controls enable you to share the information about your biography and professional information but keep your contact information private. By default, all of these settings are listed as visible to EJN staff only. These people are listed on the network page of this website.

Please change your settings if you’d like your profile information to be available to a broader number of people.

  • The verified journalists are people that have a professional collaboration with EJN for example the council of partners, workshop participants, and fellows.
  • Unverified EJN members are anyone who has created an membership account and can log-in to the website. This includes but is by no means limited to applicants for opportunities and subscribers of the EJN newsletter.
  • The Public visibility setting means the information is fully published and searchable on the internet. Your biographic information needs to be public if you want to be listed as a participant in an EJN's programs.