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How to apply for an EJN opportunity

Opening the application

You need to log-in to the website before accessing the application. You could login at any time by going to this link,

Once logged-in, click on the Apply Now button in on the opportunity page to open up the application form. 

Completing and Submitting an application

Each application has its own unique features. However, it’s important to know a few things that are consistent for every opportunity. The most important step for submitting your application is clicking the “save” button at the bottom of the form. You can do this successfully once all of the required fields are completed. Saving an application will trigger an email to be sent to you with a permanent link and some instructions on how to complete the submission process.

The submit button is in an unintuitive location. It is described as “state" in the editing toolbar. If you click on state, there is an option called submit for publication that you could use to indicate you are done editing but it isn’t necessary. We will review it as long as the application has been saved successfully.

HELP: When I click save, I get an error message. What could be wrong?

If you have red error message at the top of your form, you haven't completed all of the required fields. You must fill in all of the required fields to save the application. If you want to save your progress and return to finish the application later, please add some temporary text to satisfy the requirement and then finish the application later. 

Many applications ask you to upload some supporting documents or media files. We technically can accept files of any size or format however large files sometimes cause errors when saving. If this is the case we recommend either sending links to the online content, chosing a smaller file to share, or saving your application with a small file and then replacing it with the correct file after you application form has been successfully saved.