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Becoming a Member

Step number one toward joining the EJN community.

To join the EJN community, the first step is the register an account. You can to that by folloing this link: Please fill in all of the fields and click the register button.


Once you click on the register button, we send a confirmation email with a link to create a password. The first time you create a password, you will be automatically logged into the site and access your profile and applications.

You can log-in to the website at any point by clicking on this link:

HELP: I signed up as a member and never received a confirmation email.

To limit the number of spam accounts, we require members to confirm their email address prior to providing a password. A confirmation link is sent via email immediately after you click register. Sometimes this confirmation email gets stuck in a spam or junk mail folder. Please check this before contacting us but please contact us before creating multiple accounts.