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Veronica Aure


I'm a Journalist by profession and have more than 10 years of experience in the Mainstream Media, Government Sector and Donor Agencies.

Currently, i work as the 'Community Empowerment and Communications Coordinator' for Partners With Melanesians Inc, a national non-for-profit NGO involved in conservation education and awareness, and sustainable livelihood alternative development programmes in local remote communities of Papua New Guinea.

I coordinate the Comunity Empowerment Program and also look after all Communication needs of the organisation. The purpose of my program is to faciliate, mobilise and empower communities through their traditional decision making processes.

The Consensus Building Process is a good way in which locals come together and identify common issues that affect them and find best possible means of tackling the issues, also at the same time network with potential partners or stakeholders who are able to help.

It is an excellent process where by clan and tribal groups come together in their specific ward to discuss issues such as Health, Education, Law & Order, Women's Issues etc. and how best they themseleves can address and manage it.

The idea is about Conservation but the notion of "Conservation" is interwined with other social issues in the communities, so for people to better understand the meaning of Conservation and how best to use their natural resources wisely, they have to be better informed.  

The overall idea is to empower the local communities so that they are in control and are able to make informed decisions regarding the use of thier natural environment.

Being with PWM, i get to experience and report first information of how people in rural and remote areas adjust and live with the effects of Climate Change and also, i get to witness first hand the measures they take to mitigate the effects of Climate Change and the hardships they face.

The stories i write for PWM, are of real life situations locals face, their struggles in their societies and how they are coping with the effects of Climate Change and what they are doing to lessen the effects of Climate Change on their natural environment.

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Biodiversity, Climate Change, Program Updates
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Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea
Non-governmental organization
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Community Empowerment & Communication Coordinator
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Partners With Melanesian's Inc.
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