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Stefano Wrobleski


Stefano Wrobleski leads the technical coordination and management of EJN's GeoJournalism sites, including InfoAmazonia, where he also works as a data journalist. He writes about social and environmental issues and participated in the development and coordination of special reports platforms such as the Cartography of Attacks Against Indigenous Peoples, a mapping of indigenous people killed in the last 30 years in Brazil, and Digging into the Mining Arc, a four-month work on the issues of huge mining project in Venezuelan Amazon.

Area of Environmental Journalism Interest
Biodiversity, Climate Change, Journalism Skills
Additional Areas of Environmental Journalism Interest
Agro-ecology, Amazon Rainforest, Biodiversity, Brazil, Alternative Energy, COP, Citizen reporting, Climate Change, Data journalism, EJN Staff, Earth Journalism Network, Fellowships, GeoJournalism, InfoAmazonia, Indigenous rights, Investigative Journalism, Journalism Education, Journalists, Networked Journalism, OpenStreetMap, Organic Food, Social Justice, Sustainable Development,

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