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Mona Samari


Born in London and of Tunisian heritage, Mona Samari has over ten years’ experience in campaigning and communications from a human rights and environment protection perspective. Mona has worked on a number of human rights campaigns with a special focus on access to information, freedom of expression, and whistle-blower protection. As part of the International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan, Mona worked on the release of imprisoned Azeri journalist Eynulla Fattulayev, who was awarded the 2012 UNESCO Press Freedom Prize. More recently, Mona established the Middle East Office of ARTICLE 19 in Tunisia and organized workshops for journalists in rural areas of Tunisia on how to guarantee freedom of expression in the new constitution. In addition to human rights work, Mona has been working on major marine conservation campaigns since 2007, with a concentration on conservation of commercially-used endangered species in European waters. Mona was also involved in the launch of the Arab Youth Climate Movement in 2012. Samari regularly guest-edits World Environment Magazine, the first Arab magazine dedicated to the environment and which was recently awarded the 2012 Green Media Award.

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Biodiversity, Climate Change, Oceans
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