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Mohammed Hammie


Mohammed Hammie Rajab is journalist, also a facilitator of change and media development. With over twelve years’ experience in diverse aspects of journalism. As he was part of UZIKWASA/Pangani Fm’s collaboration with BBC Media Action, Mohammed worked as the local producer and package maker on a BBC weekly program Haba na Haba (“little by little”) on community challenges and good governance

As a mentor and trainer of young journalists he has made a remarkable contribution to the development of talented young people in Pangani District.

I am a holder of an Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication from the University of Dodoma (UDOM), an Advance Certificate in Journalism at Times School Journalism, Certificate in Community Journalism at University of Cardiff (UK) and a Certificate in Visual Effects at University of Norwich (UK)

I have also graduated one year course in Facilitating Organizational Learning and Development, he is now a certified a facilitator of change and media development.  I used to teach facilitative journalism using facilitative intervention approaches.

My journey of trainings local journalists started 2014 when UNESCO Dar es Salaam Office conducted a training on Media Ethics, and Conflict Sensitive Reporting in Masasi.  The session inspired me to become a trainer where I requested all materials.

The various capacity-building sessions helped me to improve my journalistic skills and work performance where I managed to empower others to advance professionally.

Among the sessions by UNESCO were on Monitoring and Evaluation of Issues of Local Concern by community radios in 2017 and on Editorial, Programming and Monitoring Matters on Issues of Local Concern.

These sessions were so important to me that they inspired me to impart knowledge to others. I formulated a program called BHP- meaning BACK HOME PROJECT- where I did impart skills acquired to fellow journalists at the station whenever I came back from UNESCO’s sessions.

I went further and convinced my employer to establish and provide basic journalism skills to youth in Pangani District, specifically form four leavers who had aspired to become journalists but could not proceed with further studies. 

I trained and mentored youth in 2015, 2017 and 2018 and in total, I have been able to empower 41 youths within the three years being 19 males and 22 females most of whom have secured employment and earn an income and to realize their dreams

Over ten (12) years he has been demonstrated experiences in News writing, Editing, Presenting/Reporting on Hard news, Media editorial planning, Radio broadcasting, Audio and Video editing, Recorded Programmes, Script Writing, Programme Planning, Interview, Package Making/Wrap,

On 2013 I was able to facilitate partnership between Pangani Fm and UN Radio Swahili Service and so he got chance to be a volunteer on preparing features, news stories and assists in voice over.

2016 Mohammed came up with vibrant idea of youth radio program called CHUKUA HATUA, which enabled him to get fund from International Labour Organization (ILO).

The main objective of this program was to provide necessary information that would help youth overcome unemployment challenges, voice their untold stories as well as provide a platform for horizontal-learning and sharing skills, aspirations and experiences from different areas around Dodoma and surrounding areas.

I am now in a partnership with Mr. Dylan W Groves, a Columbia University, New York, NY. Ph.D. Student in Political Science in the research project called: The Power of Being Heard: Local Radio and Political Accountability in Tanzania. I personal came up with the idea of the radio program named SAUTI YANGU.

The focus of the project I how local media’s attention to social service delivery impact government performance, community participation, and the citizen satisfaction.

These projects provided me with valuable insights into the delivering of output, working with community, working as a team and managing a leadership role. The projects further provided me with valuable hands on experience and confirmed that my personality, skills and abilities are well suited for my career choice.

2019 I attended Pan African Youth Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia were AU initiated project of reaching one million youth by 2021 in 4Es, Education, Entrepreneurship, Engagement and Employment. I personal defended my proposal on supporting the theme by establishing radio programs to address issues of unemployment and identifying development opportunities for them in Tanga, Tanzania.

Mohammed, is now running his organisation: Media for Community Empowerment (MECE), which focuses on creating, promoting, inspiring and empower the community through media as well as local journalism and help communities to identify and broadcast their views, request their government to involve in development agenda so as to transform their livelihood.

MeCE believes in a reflective approach for media organizational development and community transformational change.


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