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Choki Wangmo


I am a reporter with the national newspaper of Bhutan, Kuensel. In my field of work, I had been writing environmental related stories. Although the impacts of climate change are not starkly visible, I believe, as the country is in a climate prone region, Bhutan is vulnerable to its impact. Bhutan is adorned with diversity of plants and animals but in a global scenario, the species face threats of extinction. 

I studied Sustainable Development in my college and took biology as a major in high school. I did not study media and journalism, but since younger days, I had been an avid reader and writer. I hope, with my educational background and interest in writing, I would be able to make an impact in my country and the mother earth. I am a birder and also passionate about high altitude medicinal plants and blogs about it at 

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Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Environmental Health, Policy
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