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Adam Hunt


Working with Internews' Earth Journalism Network, Adam is Media and Communications Director overseeing Mekong Partnership for the Environment’s media development, advocacy and communications efforts, including the Mekong Matters Journalism Network and its training and grants programs. He is Editor-in-Chief of the GeoJournalism website The Mekong Eye and he coordinates media partnerships to enhance environmental coverage in the Mekong and Southeast Asian regions. Adam has worked in Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, and Japan as a project leader, communications specialist, grantmaker, journalist and trainer. He has held various leadership positions on international development projects, including Grants and Training Director for Internews Thailand-Burma, and Project Development & Evaluation Specialist for the APEC Secretariat. He also led a community development project in his native Canada as Program Director for Pathways to Education. Adam holds a Master’s degree in Planning (International Development and Community Development) and B.A. degrees in Journalism and Sociology/Commerce.

Area of Environmental Journalism Interest
Climate Change, Environmental Health, Policy, Program Updates, Journalism Skills
Additional Areas of Environmental Journalism Interest
Energy, Sustainable Development,

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