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Yu Sun


Yu Sun is the Chief Writer for China’s Environmental Protection magazine. Previously, Yu worked as reporter and editor for more than 12 years for China Environment News. Yu was awarded the United Nations Correspondents Association bronze prize for her coverage of the Kyoto climate conference and was also invited to speak at the International Investigative Journalism Conference held in Holland in 2005. She was selected as Person of the Week by Internews China after returning from the 2007 UN climate conference in Bali.

Yu was a 1998-1999 Nieman fellow at Harvard University, and 2003-2004 International Scholar at the Knight Center for Science Journalism at Boston University. Yu received her Bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences from China’s Jilin University in 1986 and a Master’s degree in natural resource management from Holland’s International Institute of Earth Sciences in 1997.

Area of Environmental Journalism Interest
Climate Change, Cities, Environmental Health, Policy
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